Judicious Patenting by Experienced Technologists and Entrepreneurs

We're a boutique, high-touch patent prosecution firm that understands entrepreneurs.

We're not a Big-Law type firm.

Our singular focus is patenting software and electronics for startups, and we do it better than anyone else.

As experienced technologists, inventors, and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how you think, know what’s at stake, and can provide you with strategic insight not available elsewhere.

The Adams Intellex Difference

Our clients choose us for our ability and unique understanding of technology, entrepreneurship and patent law. 

They retain us because of the invaluable strategic insight we provide, gained through our on-site, hands-on approach to working with them.


We understand technology, to our core.

Our partners’ pre-law experience is what makes Adams Intellex, PLC unique and is what differentiates us from all other firms.

Dean Adams, founder and managing partner of Adams Intellex, PLC, founded a technology startup and ran it through successful acquisition. He was an inventor of 25 concepts at IBM and was the director of IP strategy at a thousand-person Silicon Valley tech company..

Timothy Dell invented 89 concepts while at IBM and held the title Master Inventor.

Dave Appenzeller was personally chewed out by Steve Jobs during his time in technology management.

In addition, all other members of our team have deep understanding of technology and patenting.


We provide a unique blend of patent strategy and patent prosecution, focusing on software and electronics technologies.

Much of our work involves helping developers identify and refine their valuable concepts and then working to protect those ideas.  We significantly reduce developers' time in patenting efforts through our in-depth understanding of each client's business and technology.


We are not a Big-Law type firm. We provide a ‘high touch’ perspective where we understand each client’s business.  We spend a significant amount of time in client’s offices at no cost to them. 

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